Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabric Rosettes

I was wandering around the craft/fabric store looking for materials for a completely different project and happened upon these little plastic templates/tools called yo-yo makers.  I almost walked past because these were after all in the "quilting" section and I most certainly do not quilt.  Anyway, I gave them some of my attention and looked at the packaging more closely.  Hmm...these look like rosettes!!!  Hmm...these could be used in all sorts of way for scrapbooking and cardmaking.  OH NO!!   All the different sizes went into my shopping basket.  They also had a butterfly and heart shape which I didn't buy but maybe on my next trip.

This then made me wander deeper into the quilt department to find fabric and I discovered these things called "Fat Quarters" which as far as I can tell it's a smaller piece of fabric. PERFECT! I also found a stack  of really cool looking fabric already cut into 4x4 squares so I bought that as well.  I left the store feeling quite happy with myself and very eager to get started.  Of course that would end up being a day later since regular life happened and I got distracted.

I finally found some time to play with my new toys and all I can say is THESE ARE SO EASY AND FUN!!  As I've mentioned, I don't quilt and certainly don't sew.  However, I can hand sew and that is all this requires.  Below are two of the flowers I've made so far.  Unfortunately, I think I'll be going back to get the butterfly

I put these together really quickly and I'll admit, I'm not thrilled with the button on the larger flower.  I'll probably be changing that as soon as I can find some better buttons.  I also recommend that the buttons be adhered using a hot glue gun though I did use Glossy Accents (it's my fav wet adhesive and it works on everything) with success.

If you like flowers I highly recommend a trip to your local fabric/craft store and buying these templates.  The ones that I bought are made by Clover. 

ETA: I've just recently been informed that you can do the same thing without a template if you are adept at a running stitch.  Since I'm not, these templates are the best solution for me.


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