Sunday, May 15, 2011

More flowers!

OK, I love flowers!  I'm always on the lookout for different ways to make flowers rather than buy the premade ones in the stores.  I've found a bunch of different techniques but what I really want is something easy and quick and these crinoline/buckram flowers are just the ticket.   I've been seeing these flowers all over the internet for the past couple of months but I'm not really sure who did it first.  Anyway, I was contemplating buying another diecut tool in order to make these and it occurred to me that my Slice should be able to cut these out.  After doing some research on the capabilities of my Slice, I found that it has always been able to cut fabric (no need to buy the Fabrique!!) so I went for it.   My first challenge was finding the crinoline which I eventually did at JoAnns.  However I also found some stuff called buckram and I really like it much more than crinoline.  It is stiffer and as I suspected didn't need anything ironed on to be cutable by the Slice.  The crinoline was stiff as well but I had mixed results when I didn't use a fusible web.  I think either would work just fine in a manual die cut machine though so if that is what you have, you are in good shape.

Here are my first two attempts.  The yellow flower was colored with my smooch misters and the pink one was colored using Copic pens.  I think I'm going to add some glitter to the pink one and really girly it up. 

If you love flowers (like I do) and can't see paying the high prices for those in the store, you need to try this.  You can use just about anything to color the fabric and then you get exactly the color and look you want. The fabric was 4.99/yard at JoAnns but if you have coupon you can probably get it for less.  Also, a yard of fabric is going to yield a ton of flowers.  Very economical!!!


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